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Our Commitment

Recognize potential for success

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel

Our offer is aimed specifically at owner and family-run holiday hotels in the Alpine region. Often these hotels have existed for several generations - due to the sustained upswing in tourism, these businesses are also required to continuously develop in order to assert themselves on the market. As industry experts, we analyze the competitive conditions in the Alpine region.

We see the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel, and in a short time we can realistically assess your qualities: Which assets are available? Where does it need to be improved? The optimization potential becomes visible in our work . At the same time, we make an extrapolation directly in order to calculate the profitability of every possible measure. Your investments should pay off promptly.

We strive for the optimum

To reach for the stars

Thanks to our many years of experience, we recognize your potential for success at a glance: Regardless of where you are at the moment, we will design an individually tailored strategy for you to further develop your house in the best possible way. Together we will tread a path that will bring you closer to your goals.

If you position your hotel wisely, you can achieve more in any case: In our opinion, the representation of an excellent price-performance ratio is particularly important.

If you manage to present your hotel convincingly, you can charge higher prices - at the same time, your guests will be more satisfied with your services.

Aufstieg in den Stubaier Alpen

Roll up your sleeves

Even if we normally like to take the time for an extensive analysis, in some moments we need to act quickly: We are not afraid to tread rocky paths. Even more: We would like to clear the stones out of your way.


Good advice doesn't have to be expensive. As an entrepreneur, you are often faced with very specific problems. We are happy to advise you so that you can make the right decision at the right time.


We analyze your hotel's online presence in order to get an initial picture. We not only look at the surface of your website, but also go into the depth of the technology.


Many of our customers have been working with us for years because we never run out of goals together. Show your willingness to change today.

A hotel between two worlds

Online and offline experience

When we look at your hotel, we see both dimensions of your corporate presence: On the one hand, we analyze your hotel's online presence in order to get an initial picture. We not only look at the surface of your website, but also go into depth - we often run into difficulties with an initial check of the technology. In addition to your website, we analyze the appearance of your hotel on popular booking platforms and other relevant sites.

But the analysis of the online world would be nothing without an encounter in reality: If necessary, we will get an idea on site in order to get to know you and your company personally. We value the wealth of experience of hoteliers and entrepreneurs and know how important your subjective willingness to change is for the objective success of the process .


The interlocking of the online and offline world is also an important step on the way to more customer satisfaction.

Creative crisis management

Immediate help for hoteliers

Is your hotel in crisis? Do you have too few inquiries? No bookings? Where is the problem? We are guaranteed to find the cause of your crisis. Even if we normally like to take the time to analyze a company, we are also the right contact if you need help at short notice .

Based on our experience, we can estimate which measures are appropriate in extreme situations.

Immediate action is the order of the day in a crisis: It is all the more important that you use your energy for measures that will lead you out of the crisis as quickly and safely as possible.

We help you to take the right measures ! Since we would like to keep our promise, we can only help you heal if our quick analysis promises a certain potential for success.

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Durchblick in der Krise?

Schwächen stärken, Lücken schließen,
Marketing Effizienz steigern!

Neben einigen anderen entscheidenden Dingen sind wir Profis in der Fehlersuche auf Webseiten und im Online Marketing. Wir beschäftigen uns mit dem Verhalten Ihrer potentiellen Kunden auf Ihrer Webseite. Die meisten gängigen Fehler auf Webseiten kosten sehr viel Geld, wären aber oft einfach vermeidbar.

Seit mehr als 5 Jahren steigern wir Anfragen und Buchungen für unsere Kunden. Wertschöpfung steigern steht in unserem Pflichtenheft ganz oben! #addedVALUE

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