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Online Marketing

„We made the buttons on the screen look so good that you want to lick them off.“

Steve Jobs

Become visible

Increase the radiance of your hotel on the Internet

Why does the customer click on a certain offer? What prompts him to book a room directly? The presentation of your house on the Internet has a decisive influence on the perception of your hotel by your future guests. That is why we attach great importance to the implementation of sophisticated online marketing measures - this is how you quickly turn visitors to your website into visitors to your hotel.

The website of your hotel is the heart of online marketing - there are also a whole range of other measures that are used as needed and accompanying. Our actions are based on a thorough tech check. If you decide to relaunch your website, we will support you beyond that to ensure the effectiveness of our recommendations.

Online marketing for hotels

Possible measures at a glance

Websites that sell

The website of your hotel should be visually appealing, textually convincing and technically sophisticated.

SEO find the right guests for your hotel

Search Engine Optimization for short SEO is used to make your website easier to find. This way your search engine entry will be listed higher.

SEA for hotels and tourism

With targeted search engine advertising - Search Engine Advertising for short, SEO, e.g. Google Ads - you can address customers who are actively searching.

Analytics and Controlling

Using certain online tools - Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console or Google My Business - makes your performance measurable.

Content is King

Whether blogs, newsletters, videos or advice - through "content-based marketing" you can win customers and retain them.

Social Media Marketing

Inspire your customers to stay at your hotel through regular posts on Facebook or Instagram.

update and development

All online platforms on which you are present must be regularly updated, checked and maintained.

sales strategy

Establishment, maintenance, advice and optimization of online booking channels. Ideal use of OTAs and meta channels.

usability counts

Optimierung von Websites nach mehrfach getesteten, psychologischen Prinzipien und Verkaufsstrategien.

The tech check

How we analyze your online presence

In the last few years we have been able to analyze over 200 hotel websites. We then rebuilt about half of it. Over the years we have been able to localize the logic of success: Our partners in design and programming therefore offer you solutions that are guaranteed to get you on the way to success - under the best conditions.

If it turns out that the technical basis is good, we can "repair" your website with little effort - small adjustments are often enough to achieve noticeable success. All parameters of the website are measured and documented from day one - their effectiveness can be checked at any time.

  • Discoverability
  • Technology used
  • Logical function (for inquiries, bookings and contact)
  • Responsive design (for mobile phones, tablets and desktop PCs)
  • Speed ​​and quality in answering queries
  • Positioning clarity
  • Affinity groups
  • Sales orientation
  • Presentation of prices
  • Tools used
  • Social media channels
  • Reservation workflow

„The quick way to get in touch and the logic of the website decide on“ Deal or No-Deal ”. In contrast, the price is almost irrelevant.“

Michael beginning

Increase the conversion rate

This is how inquiries become bookings

Visitors to your website are only of use to you if, sooner or later, they book your hotel. How can you increase your conversion rate? In addition to an awareness of the value of the individual guest among all employees at the reception, an uncomplicated way of making contact is crucial.

Google calls them the "Moments of I-want-to-buy!" - if your future guests indulge in this mood, you should make it as easy as possible for you to book a vacation in your house. Through active sales , you can turn undecided prospects into interested customers in the shortest possible time.

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Durchblick in der Krise?

Schwächen stärken, Lücken schließen,
Marketing Effizienz steigern!

Neben einigen anderen entscheidenden Dingen sind wir Profis in der Fehlersuche auf Webseiten und im Online Marketing. Wir beschäftigen uns mit dem Verhalten Ihrer potentiellen Kunden auf Ihrer Webseite. Die meisten gängigen Fehler auf Webseiten kosten sehr viel Geld, wären aber oft einfach vermeidbar.

Seit mehr als 5 Jahren steigern wir Anfragen und Buchungen für unsere Kunden. Wertschöpfung steigern steht in unserem Pflichtenheft ganz oben! #addedVALUE

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